About Cascade

Things to know...

The small town of Cascade is located on Cascade Lake (formerly known as the Cascade Reservoir), surrounded by natures gifts making it a playground for outdoor enthusiasts and a prime location for your next vacation. There is something for everyone, no matter what time of year you choose to visit.

Cascade is in Valley County and has around 900 full time residents. The old lumber mill was the main employer for the town before it was closed in  The town decided to take advantage of its proximity to lakes and rivers making it into a tourist destination.

Not only does Cascade provide recreational activity such as swimming, camping, hiking, biking, skiing, fishing etc; Cascade also has a rich history. Evidence of times past can be found almost everywhere you look. The main swimming area at Cascade Lake is named after the original town of Van Wyck that was dismantled by the towns people when the reservoir was constructed filling up the lake. The lake itself provides 86 miles of shoreline, much of which is sandy beaches covered in minerals. If your looking you can also find authentic arrowheads, as this is also one of the last stands for the Shoshone tribe.

Following Warm Lake Rd from Cascade you will encounter several hot springs, abandoned mines, ghost towns, WWII Lookouts and other sites of historic value. The most outstanding features of the area are of course WATER! Besides the lake, Cascade is also located along the Payette River. Providing fishing, floating, kayaking, rafting, canoeing and more. Visit Kelly’s Whitewater Park for some fun in the sun or play in the aquatic centers relaxing geothermally heated pool. The Strand offers 3 miles of walkable trail along the river if you are in the mood for a stroll.  Please do be careful! Idaho is full of wildlife and you are in bear country. Pack it in, pack it out and leave no trace. This is our special place too!

Our landscape provides more hidden treasures than you can imagine. Ask a local where you can find Morrel mushrooms, wild raspberries or the famous northwest huckleberry. There is nothing quite like the smell and taste of warm huckleberry pancakes in the morning. Our friendly town will charm you and keep you coming back. We hope you enjoy yourselves and create your own campfire stories. When you look up at the stars, we want you to remember your own special place in Idaho.

        *Maps and trail info are located in the office, provided by the Cascade Chamber of Commerce.